The whole Beacon team know that of all the things to be, kindness is by far the most important.  We learn all about kindness and celebrate all the many kind acts that happen at The Beacon.  We hope you enjoy seeing all the kind things we have been doing...

Beacon Buddies Good Deed Feed


National Kindness Day 2023

We had a wonderful day learning about the importance of kindness and celebrating our incredible, kind Beacon Team.  We took part in the 52 Lives - School of Kindness virtual assembly. 

We were very excited to have a few mentions from our very thoughtful pupil ideas that we shared in the chat!  Our whole Beacon Team were on a mission to fill our jar of kindness with stickers to represent all the acts if kindness during the week...and it will be no surprise, that we did it amazingly!!    Take a look at all the fun we had celebrating a very important day...

World Kindness Day 2023

 All our staff, pupils and parents completed our Kindness survey on bounce Together.  The responses really showed how much we all value kindness and how we all strive to make our Beacon team the very kindest it can be.  Here are some of the results...


100% of parents agreed that The Beacon is a kind and welcoming place.



100% of our pupils felt that the teachers are kind at The Beacon




100% of our staff felt that there is a shared sense of purpose and action when encouraging kindness amongst pupils.