Using the National Curriculum as a starting point, we operate a two year rolling programme of themes. Foundation subjects and where appropriate, core subjects are taught within these topics.

Recognising our primary function of addressing deficits in children’s personal, social and emotional development, we ensure our curriculum is flexible, enabling a tailored curriculum to meet the needs of our pupils. This means that whilst our topics are named, ensuring broad coverage of the National Curriculum, they are personalised to the needs, learning levels and interests of the class, thus maximising engagement.

Our Topics and Examples of our Cross Curricular Links

Ship Ahoy

  • English key texts: The Pirates Next Door
  • Geography: Identifying continents and oceans   History: Researching types of ships through time
  • Design Technology: Designing sailing vessels
  • Music: Composing sea shanties
  • Computing:  Animations & surfing the internet to support our researching skills

Marvellous Machines

  • English key texts: Iron Man, Traction Man is Here
  • History: Finding out about the Industrial Revolution
  • Design Technology: Design your own machine/outfit for Traction Man
  • Computing:  Coding, Simulations and Making Music



Fit for Life

  • English key texts: Handa's Surprise, Charlotte's Web
  • Computing:  Pictograms, graphing and spreadsheets and Technology and Hardware



Through the Woods

  • English key texts: Fantastic Mr Fox, Through the Woods, Owl Babies
  • Geography: Exploring maps of the world and local area
  • Art: Exploring colour, pattern and texture inspired by nature
  • Computing:  Algorithms and thinking like a computer and binary trees and branching databases


Wonders of the World

  • English key texts: The Emperor's Egg, The Great Kapok Tree
  • Geography: Exploring key landmarks
  • Art: Exploring different artists around the world
  • Computing:  Creativity in computing (creating pictures) and Presenting (PowerPoints/Blogging)


Time Tunnel

  • English key texts: The Story Tree, Tom's Midnight Garden
  • History: Using primary and secondary sources to find out about the way people lived
  • Music: Developing an understanding of music from different eras 
  • Computing:  Coding, Mazes and games and Email