Induction Information

When a placement at The Beacon has been agreed for your child we will make contact with you to arrange an induction meeting.  This meeting is for parents or carers to meet with us, so that we can share information about The Beacon, find out about the needs of your child and answer any questions.

In the induction meeting we will give you a copy of our Parent Induction booklet, shown below.

induction handbook for parents.pdf

Following the induction meeting we will arrange for you to visit with your child.  This will be a short visit as we know this can be very stressful for some children.  

The induction meeting was very informative, I could tell my son's needs were going to be met. It seemed the right place for him.


I walked away with a good understanding of what goes on at The Beacon.  I also felt confident my child would be in good care.


In the induction meeting, all our questions were answered and the staff were friendly and helpful.