Learning Champions  

Our Learning Champions have worked extremely hard and produced some amazing work...take a look and see if your work has been chosen...

Class 1 NE: Mrs Jervis

Confident use of Clicker 7 to identify sources of light in science. Brilliant focus planning Beebot algorithms. Carly's excellent work internalising, picture mapping and sequencing instructions.

Class 2 NE: Ms Watton

In Religious Education we have been learning about 'Special Places'.  Archie drew an amazing picture of his special place.  He could give lots of reasons as to why it is special to him.
In Design and Technology pupils were given a challenge 'To create a building with an opening door'.  Maddison and Leah put their designs together to create a church.
Monty worked hard independently using Clicker 7.  He wrote a diary entry in the role of the character of Hogarth using similes.

Class 1 NW: Mrs Stockford & Mrs Davison

Damian used Clicker 7 to write about Emperor penguins using facts from his internet and book research.  Brilliant use of concrete materials to find the place value of numbers in maths. Harrison used our class text to help him to write a poem about taking care of the world. 

Class 2 NW: Miss Turner

Ethan used his ICT skills to design this poster highlighting what The Beacon recycle to help save the planet. Excellent persuasive language used to argue against deforestation using 3 different points that had been researched. Harry wrote a detailed character description using traits and appearances of the man in our new English reading book, 'Tom's Sausage Lion'.