Learning Champions  

Our Learning Champions have worked extremely hard and produced some amazing work...take a look and see if your work has been chosen...

Class 1 NE: Mrs Jervis


Our emerging super talented artist! Not only did he make this careful and accurate oil pastel still life apple, but he then blended colours to show a cross-section of the inside of a red onion and when designing posters for our Summer Fair, he drew a quack-tastic duck which blew Mrs Jervis’ and Mr Spencer’s attempts out of the water! Keep up the good artwork!

Magnificent hard work in Maths to secure how to calculate non-unit fractions of amounts. Here he is finding one fifth of the amount first, to make finding two fifths so much easier. Clever Mathematician!

Class 2 NE: Mrs Holder

Brilliant skills estimating and measuring in accurate units for an investigation.

Superstar at making compound words.

Super accurate weighing and ordering masses of objects.

Class 1 NW: Mrs Stockford

Excellent measuring skills in maths. Amazing skills recreating Stone Age jewellery in our Topic. Accurate weighing skills in maths.

Class 2 NW: Mrs Harris

Super skills using the interactive whiteboard to learn about quarters.

Brilliant job learning how to share objects.