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PE Curriculum

These are wonderful experiences for the children who might not get that chance otherwise.

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We provide a highly varied PE curriculum that aims to inspire children and foster a passion for physical activity.  We create strong links with community providers of sport and physical activity, providing opportunities for children and families to continue their engagement with physical activity outside of school provision.

All our pupils receive weekly swimming lessons throughout the year.  We place high importance on learning swimming skills to ensure our pupils have the necessary skills to be safe in and around water.

In addition, our pupils also receive a weekly PE lesson that link with community providers.  The programme of PE provision is detailed below.

PE Programme - Redditch PE Programme - Kidderminster




Tag Rugby


Couch to 2K



Street Dance


Outdoor Education










Street Dance


Outdoor Education


 Take a look at our gallery of PE in action!

 If you want to be amazed by our incredible Bhangra dancing skills the click the link below to see one of our talented dancers with Sohan Kailey.

Beacon Bhangra

Physical Literacy

Our effort to support the physical literacy of all our pupils extends beyond the PE curriculum.  We aim to develop our pupils' physical engagement, health and skills, creating a physically healthy lifestyle that will equip them to lead healthier lives in the future.

Active Curriculum

We utilise opportunities within the curriculum to promote active learning.  Active Maths and Active English are used to develop active learning opportunities in these subjects.  We also use a wide range of active breaks to aid focus and concentration, from GoNoodle to cardio drumming!

Daily Diet of Physical Activity

We ensure that all our pupils engage in physical activity daily.  In addition to the PE lessons, we provide a daily planned physical activity for the remaining days.  This includes a weekly:

  • mini-circuits session
  • read'n'ride session
  • rotation of other physical activities such as; curling, mini golf, bowls, skipping, croquet, throwing and catching

Structured Playtimes

Our lead TA for PE provides a structured physical activity every playtime to support pupils in their engagement and success of physical play.

Active Enrichment

We participate in National Sports Week each year.  This has involved bikeability sessions,  Beacon Olympics and a Wii Sports day.  We have raised money for charities with a virtual rowing and cycling challenge.  Our Stressbox after-school club for pupils and parents was very popular - combining boxing and mindfulness!  

Active Home

Every half-term we provide 'Get Home' packs providing ideas for physical activities that can easily be done at home.  We also send a 'Take PE Home' bag with a different pupil each week.  This contains lots of different physical play equipment for families to borrow and use for the week.  Our half-termly Family Active Challenges are lots of fun and there are some wonderful active prizes up for grabs for taking part!  More details about our 'Active Home' resources can be found on our website here:

Pupils Active HomeParents Active Home