The Personal, Social and Health Education of our pupils is regarded a core element of the provision at The Beacon.  Our PSHE provision extends beyond taught 'PSHE lessons' as we maximise all opportunities to develop our pupils' PSHE outcomes. 

The elements of our PSHE provision are:

PSHE Workshops

Keeping Safe

Daily Life

Healthy Lifestyles


External Agencies

PSHE Workshops

The themes of our PSHE workshops are tailored to the needs of the group.  This ensures pupils access workshops on identified priority areas for development during their placement.  The range of PSHE workshops offered includes: emotional literacy, self-esteem, social communication, relaxation, speaking & listening, social skills and  friendship skills.  1 or 2 group workshops are delivered weekly by the class teacher. 

In addition to our workshops every class accesses 2 CLIC sessions each week.  CLIC sessions are based on the principles and practices of Group Theraplay.  All our staff are trained in Group Theraplay through the Theraplay Institute.  The CLIC sessions aim to support our pupils in developing healthy relationships, improved self-esteem and greater ability in regulating emotional responses. 

Keeping Safe Curriculum

Our 'Keeping Safe' curriculum is delivered throughout the year and ensures all children develop the skills to keep themselves safe in all aspects of their life.  Our Keeping Safe curriculum covers learning opportunities for:

  • Online Safety
  • Anti-Bullying
  • Safety from Abuse
  • Healthy Relationships
  • First Aid
  • Water Safety
  • Road Safety

Daily Life Learning

PSHE is implicit in the day-to-day provision at The Beacon.  Every interaction and moment is an opportunity for learning and developing personal and social skills.  We recognise the importance of this continual learning and look to use every opportunity to support our pupils' development.  Staff continuously model and scaffold appropriate social skills, explicitly reference a child's progress in their personal development, such as cooperating, showing resilience or perseverance etc.  Staff continuously support pupils throughout their day-to-day experiences in developing these skills and competencies.

Healthy Lifestyles

Supporting our pupils in leading healthy lives and making healthy lifestyle choices is very important.  Our physical literacy plan targets improving the physical health of all pupils.  See our PE & Physical Literacy curriculum page for more details.

We promote healthy eating and have participate in Healthy Eating Week, provide healthy eating extra-curricular clubs and provide cross-curricular links with the science curriculum.  We provide daily healthy snacks eg carrot sticks that additionally support regulation.

Many of our pupils have significant emotional difficulties, so developing children's emotional wellbeing is of the highest priority and an area of specialism at The Beacon.  We achieved the AcSeed award for supporting emotional wellbeing in recognition of our excellent practice and provision.  


Transition work is a key priority for our pupils as all pupils are within a transition process whilst at The Beacon.  Please click on the transition button below for more information about our approaches to transition.

External Agencies

We work closely with a range of agencies to develop the PSHE outcomes for all our pupils. 

This includes:

  • Music Therapy Works
  • Community Police Teams
  • Read2Dogs
  • Educational Psychology
  • Youth Futures Impact
  • Community Safety Partnership
  • School Nurse