Supporting the wellbeing of our parents is incredibly important to us.  We appreciate that parenting a child with additional needs can add pressures and stress to day-to-day life.  By improving parental wellbeing we hope parents feel more able and confident to provide the support and care their child needs. 

Parent wellbeing is also promoted through:

Parent drop-in sessions

This is a relaxed group parent session that allows parents opportunities to meet other parents and share experiences.  Parents are able to get support from one another and also have opportunities to reflect on their own experiences.


Helping your child... training for parents

The 'Helping Your Child...' parent sessions are led by our Educational Psychologist, Dr Daniel Rouse.   The sessions are offered every half-term and cover different topics that are important to our parents.


relationship play sessions

The Relationship Play Sessions are based on the principles and practices of Theraplay.  The sessions are very practical and focus on lots of different play activities that are designed specifically to improve parent-child relationships.


proud parent celebration

This is a time you can join your child in the Unit and see all their fantastic work and achievements.  These sessions are held termly.


Open door

We have an open door policy for our parents.  a member of staff will always provide time for parents if they have anything they want to discuss, ask or share.